Choosing colors for your website

Michael Gabrian

by Michael Gabrian on 07/08/2016

Choosing colors for websites: advice from Web-design experts

You’re in need of a website and logo. You have some ideas and you’re excited to see where they go. But have you considered color psychology? Colors seen in art pieces, photographs, marketing materials, and so on invoke certain types of emotions. How do you want your visitors to perceive your site? How should they feel? Let’s dive a little deeper.

“Colors express the main psychic functions of man.”
-Carl Jung

Why do you think that 62-90% of a client’s judgement on a product is based on color? Why do you think fast food sticks with reds and yellows? Studies will show that smart color usage can lead to changed perception in wait times, appetite, calming effects, etc. These studies date all the way back to egyptian times!

Still not convinced?

Xerox Corporation and International Communications found that:

  • 92% of people believe color presents an image of impressive quality
  • 90% think color can assist in attracting new customers
  • 90% believe customers remember presentations and documents better when color is used
  • 83% believe color makes them appear more successful
  • 81% think color gives them a competitive edge
  • 76% believe that the use of color makes their business appear larger to clients.

Take this with a grain of salt though. Color is personal. Our reactions are combinations of cultural learning and personal factors.

Now… let’s talk colors!


Attracts more attention than the others. Some say it's great for warnings or danger (stop signs). Red is the color of passion, love, war, anger; very heavy emotions. It can also increase blood pressure, respiration rates, and quicken the metabolism.


There are plenty of shades, with plenty of meanings. Generally blue is trusting and calming. It can reassure customers or visitors and even have positive effects on long wait times, hence why many airports use blue. We also see banks and social media use blue.


The color of money and The Hulk, green is also an earthy, natural tone. It could symbolize youth, organics, health, and environmental friendliness.


Purple has been given the sense of royalty, wealth, wisdom, creativity, and magic. Sounds like the perfect color choice, right? However, it could come off as tacky or mischievous.


ENERGY, tropical, enthusiasm, joy. Orange is a social color that companies like Nickelodeon use to come across as playful. The warning is that you could come off a little more on the silly frivolous side.


Yellow can actually stimulate thought and increase mental activity. This happy, light-hearted color can demand attention and show off it’s enlightened image. On the flipside, too much could be a little disturbing.


Brown is a rugged, brawny color. It’s reliable, it’s safe. These feelings probably work well with companies like UPS. You want to know your packages are in good hands.


Here is another sophisticated color. Black is serious, classy, and powerful. It also symbolizes the unknown. It does have it’s negative connotations, but it also has it’s elegance.


Pink is pretty easy to figure out. Femininity, nurturing, caring, possibly even sex appeal. Pink could be good for the homecare industry, with nurturing compassionate employees.

Colors have incomprehensible effects on our brain. They range from stimulants to sources of healing. The psychological effect that colors have on us is a crucial thing to consider when designing your website and logo. It’s almost never accidental why certain color choices are chosen. Think of it like your secret weapon; no one really notices the impact your colors really have on them!

Do you agree? Let us know what you think below!

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