Get the most out of your Google Analytics

Alex Merkulov

by Alex Merkulov on 05/17/2016

Google Analytics tutorial

Google Analytics is easy to install but hard to master. The challenges include making sense of the data, dealing with referral spam and addressing your visitor’s privacy concerns.

Track various important events on your site and set up Goals that track when those events are triggered.

For simple Goals, you can track when the url’s of key confirmation pages are reached. You can also use JavaScript to track when a user scrolls to or mouse-overs a certain area of your page and base a Goal conversion on that information. Assign dollar values to goals and gauge cost-effectiveness of your campaigns. Customize channel names to fit your marketing and sales process.

Develop a process to periodically review and act on the GA data. This should be an ongoing, not a one-time effort.

Include language in your privacy policy to inform your visitors about GA Import popular dashboards from GA gallery - to see how others are viewing their GA data. Customize them for your own needs. Protect your Google Analytics ID to avoid being picked up by referral spam. Instead of publishing the script with hard-coded (UA-XXXXXX code) - you can obfuscate it deeper in your javascript or even move it to the server-side - to prevent it from being scraped automatically from the page. Combine the above technique with a server-side spam host blocking by IP. We’ve open-sourced the solution we use to combat referral spam on our own site.