Happy Holidays - 2015

Alex Merkulov

by Alex Merkulov on 12/20/2015

Our wearables are hot. Our forks and coffeemakers are getting smarter. We print three-dimensional objects.

We’re busy tracking more and more data points to optimize conversions while our predictive analytics figure out what’s coming next.

If it wasn’t for our artificially intelligent assistants we may have never met.

With so much data floating around us we’re struggling to secure it.

Our layouts are responsive. Our design is material. Our user experience is everything.

Our online interaction can work better than search engine optimization efforts.

We’re agile in our infrastructure operations, in our customer development and in everything else in between.

We’re hacking our computers, our networks, our growth, our recruitment, our auto and space industries, our planet’s ecosystems and every other imaginable big problem under the sun.

With the year 2016 just around the corner I’d like to congratulate all participants of this yet another most amazing, fragile and awe-inspiring iteration in the known history of our species.

Happy Holidays!