How to create the app in 20 minutes? with KAPTL App Builder

Alex Merkulov

by Alex Merkulov on 08/27/2015

One very early morning I was squinting through an email that asked me to submit a proposal on a new Web Development project.

Instead of going through my usual notions of teasing each paragraph into a set of features and trying to ballpark the hours I would need for each, I decided to plug them directly into my trusted KAPTL builder.

This immediately made me think of the right names for each entity and field, of how they would be related to each other.

"Consultation has a date, time and place" I wrote and then started the Build. The live preview came on. I clicked around with satisfaction.

Is it wrong that my own creation impresses me every time i use it?

I continued to string together more statements describing yet another Uber of this and Airbnb of that. I fed them into compiler one by one and played with the preview some more.

Fast forward 20 minutes.

In the same amount of time it would normally take me to write a rough proposal I was able to create a working prototype!

I was clicking around a basic user interface, saving, editing and deleting records. I opened the source code in my Visual Studio to modfy the global layout a bit and got ready to show the client a working prototype... for the same app he asked me to estimate 15 minutes ago.

"Oh.. you want to know how long it's gonna take me to build that? Let me think.. I think I've just built 80% of it. Here.. take a look"

Of course there are small imperfections here and there. And sometimes the syntax can be a bit unforgiving, But in its essence.. KAPTL has been making this usually daunting process fun!

Instead of spending braincycles on moving my latest version of what I consider a good starting point to be from one web application project to the next I dive right into its data modeling.

KAPTL to app development is what Code First Entity Framework is to TSQL programming. It makes starting your new project fast and fun!

You can worry about the exact sql statements. Unleash your creativity and have at the idea!

Skip right to the meaty questions. What is that object going to be called? How is it going to relate to this other object? How will they both feel on the screen?

Am I biased to like this because I built it? Is it worth continuing to work on it? Let me know by making a new KAPTL app today!