Introducing Kaptl App Builder for Visual Studio

Stas Demchuk

by Stas Demchuk on 11/17/2015

How to develop web apps faster?

Now you can develop your apps even faster using KAPTL Application Builder for Visual Studio 2015.

This extension gives you the ability to describe your new system, generate a full-stack app and work on it further without even leaving Visual Studio! Here's how it looks:

Kaptl extension

Use this URL to install it, restart the Visual Studio and you're ready to rock. You can make it active by going to View -> Other windows -> KAPTL Application Builder.

Kaptl extension

You can try the functionality using the example below:

App name is "Car Service".

Address has a street address, city, state, zip.

User has a name, email, user type, date joined, home address.
User types are driver, client. Date joined is a date field. Home address is an address.

Order has date, client, driver, source address, destination address, pickup time, order status, cost.
Date is a date field. Order statuses are new, picked up, dropped off, cancelled.
Client is a user. Driver is a user.
Source address is an address. Destination address is an address.

Main page title is "Welcome to Car Service"
Main page content is "<i>A Customer</i> is <b>always a customer</b>!"

Copy and paste the example description into the rules textarea in Visual Studio and click "Build". There is also an optional "Angular" checkbox if you want to generate the Angular frontend along with the ASP.NET MVC backend.

Kaptl extension

The extension will ask you to specify an existing or create a new folder for the generated project and as soon as you do that, your new solution will be downloaded and opened in the Visual Studio. Restore the NuGet packages, build the solution and proceed with the coding the functionality you need from your app.

If at some point you decide the description you provided at the beginning wasn't full enough, simply add or delete the entities or fields you want and click "Build" again. Remember though, this will override any custom code you added already, so be sure to back it up somewhere.

Have any questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments!