Turn website traffic into customers, improve conversion

Alex Merkulov

by Alex Merkulov on 04/26/2016

Conversion on the website?

The key to higher conversion is in getting higher quality of traffic and optimizing the top of your funnel for it.

Start with the product or the value proposition. Is what you're selling awesome? How does it compete with what's out there already?

Categorize your visitors. Who are these people? What are their needs? What are their interests? What are their likes? What are their dislikes?

Figure out how each category of visitor is getting to your website. Can anything be done to improve the expectation of your visitors BEFORE they land on your website? Is your value proposition demonstrated as much as it can be on landing page? Can you instantly gratify and engage your prospects with a taste of your product on landing page?

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Figure out a way to capture lead information without a huge commitment. Offer something exciting for free in exchange for email addresses. Build an email list and use it regularly to nurture your leads.

Ask your prospects about what's stopping them from becoming customers. Run a survey on the site. Ask people in person to visit the site and watch them use it. Track your efforts and your results.

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