How to use 360 Degree photos and videos for business?

Michael Gabrian

by Michael Gabrian on 03/22/2017

A breakdown of how other companies have used 360 videos for business

We’ve been seeing these photos and videos popping up in our news feeds a lot lately. 360 views show us all angles of movie sets, travel destinations, group events, anything really. You have to admit, this is a really awesome new form of marketing. I think the engagement alone is enough to really gather an audience.

So we get what they are. It’s simple enough. How have other companies used this method to market their product or service and how can we? Let’s dive in.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”
–Seth Godin

Sharing Destinations

Here is a sample that Best Western created to promote their Okinawa Kouki Beach Hotel.

So what exactly does this video do for us, how does it make us feel? I think it’s great that you get an idea of what to expect. Going through the virtual experience lets you know what the hotel and surroundings are like.

I wrote an article on VR and mentioned “experiential marketing.” When millennials are spending most of their money on experiences, this seems like the best place to market the experience you offer. 360 photos/videos gives you the ability to give them a taste of what they can experience.

Sharing adventures

Alright, this next example is extreme. I want to use it to show how intense of an effect 360 videos can have on your viewers. Take a look below.

There are few things this video can promote:

  • Any equipment used; the camera, wingsuit, really any of the used brands.
  • The location; country, park, hotel or company that provides services like this.

This example has over 6.2 million views; your video, if successful, could gain a tremendous amount of exposure.

Other examples could be boat tours, haunted houses, paintball, the list is truly endless.

Sharing Entertainment

Though this might not relate directly to your product or service, I’ve seen a lot of really great 360 videos for upcoming movies and I’d really like to share one promoting Conjuring 2. Warning: this one’s a bit scary...

360 videos could also be a great way to promote any type of video production. Some example ideas could be a thrilling video like the one above, a behind the scenes video, or a virtual tour of a fantasy world.

Sharing Values

Using 360 videos doesn’t always have to be extreme to be successful. TOMS uses them to share a bit about their culture and how they’re helping people in the following example.

This type of video could really be used by any company to talk about their values, meet the team, see the office, and really get to know the company.


360 photos and videos could be used by just about any company because there are so many things you can do with them.

In order to really be effective, you need to really think about how to share your product or service. You have the opportunity to really connect with your audience, so your photo/video should be well thought out.

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