Tell them how you feel

Alex Merkulov

by Alex Merkulov on 05/02/2017

You've always liked them, ever since you've realized they were there. You spend all of your waking hours obsessing over what they might do, where they might go, what they might say, and how they might feel about what you have to offer.

Even if you're not the very best, you're at least the very good, and receiving criticism from them is not a good option for you. You are prepared to polish endlessly and to do whatever it takes to deliver to them the perfect thing, with the perfect message, through the perfect medium in the perfect package.

We're talking about your website and your customers, of course. They are picky and you are a perfectionist. So your best chance is to work hard, resist scope creep, stick to your deadlines, launch early and begin listening for feedback on how to improve what you've built. 


Launching your website early is the best way to drive down the risk of your project. You need to launch before your run out of resources you will need to pivot in response to the feedback you will receive after the initial launch. You need to launch before you give in to the natural urge to add unnecessary features. You need to stop staring and start talking before it gets any more awkward.

How do you know when your early version is good enough to get in front of your prospects and customers? Does what you're offering matter? Can you honestly say that you've given it your best given your current constraints and circumstances? Is your current version lovable? Does it go above and beyond in at least this one thing that matters to your customers? If the answers are yes, then you are ready to release. Launch and learn.